What does Charismatic U mean?

Spiritually, “charisma,” means “a gift of God’s grace in you.”  The word “grace” means, “God’s enabling power to do and be what He called for you to do and be.”  Thus, Charismatic U means, “The gift of God’s enabling power (grace) is in you.”







Keisha Allen, the “Etiquette Boss,” is a nationally renown speaker, noted for sharing her wisdom on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to etiquette, protocol, leadership, global protocols and etiquettes, women, youth, ministry and restorative practices.


Graduating with a degree in Communications and a minor in Education, Mrs. Allen has been speaking, teaching and training for over 15 years.  Her impacting and inspirational messages leave audiences charged and ready to move forward in their next steps.


In addition to speaking and training around the country, Mrs. Allen is also a lifestyle coach, playwright, song writer and minister. Her passion is, making a difference in the lives of the people she serves.  As a licensed Restorative Practices trainer, she is able to share with educational leaders, political leaders, CEOs and many others, the importance of building relationships that include Fair Process and Social Discipline.


Mrs. Allen believes that, “life must be lived on purpose and not on autopilot.”  As such her motto for her company, Charismatic U is “C U from the inside, out.”  She further believes that true etiquette cannot be employed if one does not know who and why they are.



How were you trained for this role?
Not only did my personal testimonials of overcoming low self-esteem and rising to admiration and acceptance of myself play a huge role but, also my education in Communications. Both, taught me the importance of effectively being able to communicate the power and humility of who I am in every situation. Additionally, I graduated from Barbizon School of Modeling and received additional training at John Casablancas, the iGroup and Gail and Rice agencies.

Where is Charismatic U now?
Charismatic U started out working with young women in the juvenile justice system. The mission was to teach them who they were, from the inside out and then educate them on refinement skills that would help them win in every situation. The impact was so tremendous that parents began calling us to find out if they could attend the trainings too. Eventually, we grew to businesses and corporations wanting us to come in provide focused trainings to their staff on topics such as cultural diversity, global etiquette, customer service and more. Going on 14 years later, Charismatic U is still making an impact and transforming lives.


  • The Who Am I series?

  • Purpose, Prudence & Power Series

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Social Etiquette

  • Hygiene Etiquette

  • Modern Day Communications Etiquette

  • The Power of Image

  • Leadership Principles & Development

  • Interview Training & Protocol

  • Global Etiquette & Protocol

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Unboxing the Etiquette Rules

  • Introduction to Restorative Practices

  • Effectively Using Circles

  • Effective PresentationsUsing the Right Tools to Launch Your Idea

We also offer workshops on: Communications, Summer of Tea Etiquette Series for Girls and more!






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